January 1, 2016 Newsletter

(The January 1, 2016 Newsletter content includes these topics: Casinos, horse racing, marijuana, new legislators)

Critical Issues Await 2016 General Assembly

Carryovers from 2015 Session

  • Bills left-over for 2016 – 438 House bills (H.B.) and 179 Senate bills (S.B.) – total 617.
  • Resolutions left-over for the 2016 session – 92 H.R. and 77 S.R. – total 169.
  • Left-over totals – 786 bills and resolutions remain alive for action in 2016.

House and Senate Action in the 2015 Session

  • Of the 955 bills introduced in the 2015 General Assembly, 706 H.B. passed and 249 S.B. passed.
  • Of those 955 bills introduced, only 12 were defeated or withdrawn.
  • Of the 1,610 resolutions introduced in 2015, 960 H.R. and 650 S.R. passed – total 1,439.
  • Governor Deal signed 239 House bills and vetoed eight House bills.
  • Governor Deal signed 62 Senate bills and vetoed three Senate bills.

The governor’s signature on a bill indicates his support, and frequently prompts a signing ceremony and photo-op for supportive citizens and organizations, as well as the bill’s author and other legislators. Legislation the governor signs may become law upon his signature, but other bills that passed become law on the up-coming July 1st or as specified in the legislation.

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