April 16th Action ALERT

Would the Georgia Senate unseat two committee chairmen and fire the minority whip in order to pass a bill decriminalizing juvenile prostitution, masturbation for hire and involvement in pornography?

PLEASE ACT QUICKLY, this bill will be in committee
Monday, April 19th at
2:00, Room 450, State Capitol.

Whether it’s coincidence or a well-planned strategy, the radical change in the Senate Judiciary Committee might mean the passage of S.B. 304 as an amendment to H.B. 571.

H.B. 571 was on the Judiciary Committee’s Thursday April 15th agenda, but was postponed until Monday for further amendments or refinement.

Two pages of the committee substitute already have language to decriminalize juvenile sex acts. Components of S.B. 304 are now evident in H.B. 571. Consider this: S.B. 304 absolves juveniles of sexual offenses and specifies that they may be paid for their services in prostitution, masturbation for hire and pornography. S.B. 304 classifies juvenile sex workers as victims, for the express purpose of making them eligible for victim compensation. The components of S.B. 304 listed in this paragraph have already been added to H.B. 571 in the following language:

Page 6, lines 170 – 174: “For purposes of this Code section, a conviction for a misdemeanor shall not be considered a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor, and conduct which is adjudicated in juvenile court shall not be considered a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor.”

Page 7, lines 215 – 217 further the idea that minors involved in sexual offenses are victims, i.e., making them eligible for victim compensation funds.

Page 16, line 550 defines a minor as a person under age 18.
ACTION – Oppose. PLEASE take time to call the following over the weekend, if possible, and again on Monday morning. If one of them is your senator, be sure to call at home and at the Capitol Monday morning, as well.
Call Judiciary Committee Senators Harp, 463-3931, Ch.; Hamrick, 656-0036; Adelman, 463-1376; Brown, 656-5035; Cowsert, 651-7738; Crosby, 463-5258; Fort, 656-5091; Judson Hill, 656-0150; Ramsey, 463-2598; Seabaugh, 656-6446; Smith, 404 656-0034; and Wiles 657-0406.
Don’t forget to call: Ex-officio Members Chance, 463-1366, and Unterman, 463-1368.

March 26 Newsletter UPDATE

Preserve Individual Freedom
to Choose A Health Care Plan

S.B. 317 provides that no law or rule or regulation shall compel any person, employee, or health care provider to participate in any health care system. Also, it authorizes individuals and employers to pay directly for legal health care services without penalty or fine and allows the provider to receive direct payment. It does not affect the (a) services a health care provider or hospital must perform or provide or (b) health care provided under workers’ compensation. It passed the Senate 31 – 16 on March 17th and is in the House.

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An Invitation…

Eagle Forum of Georgia
Invites You to Join Us
Wednesday, October 7th, at 12:00 Noon
The Farm
2324 White Road
Conyers, Georgia 30012

(Directions: Take Exit 82 off I-20 East. Turn left onto Highway 138 North. Go 5 miles. You will pass the International Horse Park. After the next light (about ¼ mile), get into the left lane to turn onto White Road. In less than ½ mile you will see the sign for The Farm.)

A light lunch will be provided, followed by a dynamic two-part program.


Dr. Richard Perry, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army Retired
Will Speak On
Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky
Lt. Col. Perry served in the Infantry for 30 years, two years in the Viet Nam War as an adviser to Viet Namese Army units. The first year, he served in the Mekong Delta with Ranger battalions and four years later, he was in the Central Highlands with an Infantry Regiment. Dr. Perry taught at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point and finished his career in Washington, D.C. at the Army’s Center of Military History, where he directed the book-writing division, recording the Army’s role in World War II, Korea and Viet Nam. But his most challenging job was guiding the transfer of the Panama Canal from the U.S. to the Panamanian government.

Sue Ella Deadwyler, Editor & Publisher, Georgia Insight
Will Speak On
State & Federal Legislative Issues & Updates
(Including the Federal Health Care Bill)
For 30 years Sue Ella has been a “watchman on the wall” at the Georgia State Capitol, where she monitors the legislature and reports the status of bills via her newsletter, published weekly during the session and monthly between sessions. For two years, she was Coordinator of Eagle Forum of Georgia and for several years she was Chairman of Georgia Women’s Forum, also affiliated with national Eagle Forum. She is recent past President of Eagle Forum of Georgia and is now Capitol Correspondent for both Georgia Insight and Eagle Forum of Georgia. You can hear her commentaries each Friday on WMVV New Life Radio, 90.7 FM at 7:00 a.m.