May 1, 2015 Radio Commentary

Children, Adults & Sexual Orientation Bills

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, May 1, 2015 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Without exception, bills promoting alternate lifestyles are introduced every year in Georgia, and the five bills we’re considering today fit that category. Not one of them passed, but all five are alive for action in the 2016 session.

Representative Keisha Waites (D) pre-filed H.B. 40 on January 9th, but waited until March 2nd to introduce it. Initially, it went to the House Education Committee but was moved to the Juvenile Justice Committee, where it remains until 2016. So, that committee will decide next year whether public and private schools should be forced to give sexual orientation, gender and gender identity civil rights status in bullying situations. Actually, H.B. 40 is unnecessary, because Georgia law was rewritten years ago to treat all students equally when bullying is an issue.

On January 29th Representative Simone Bell (D) introduced H.B. 142, requiring schools and nonpublic pre-kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to adopt LGBT-affirming policies. LGBT is short for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexual. Schools and programs that refuse to implement such policies would not be eligible to receive student scholarships. H.B. 142 was left in the House Education Committee for consideration in 2016. Continue reading

February 20, 2015 Radio Commentary

Gender & School Policies

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, February 20, 2015 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Every session several bills are introduced to give civil rights status for sexual orientation and it’s happening again. The strategy behind those bills is to normalize alternate lifestyles in every aspect of culture. Sexual orientation bills introduced so far this session would change policies in public, private and religious schools, would mandate added penalties for certain crimes and require government employers to alter qualifications for jobs.

In recent years, the term “hate crime” became the foundation for increasing punishment for crimes thought to be motivated by race, color, sex, nationality or religion. Except for religion, all of those classifications are facts of birth. But since the word sex is a fact of male and female biological identity, the term “sexual orientation” began cropping up to stretch human identity beyond biological fact.

“Sexual orientation” became an umbrella term for multiple classifications of sexual behavior that keeps expanding. So, the word “gender” was substituted for the word sex. Most people assume that sex and gender mean the same, but they don’t.   Those of you who have a King James Version of the Bible might have noticed Leviticus 19:19 that reveals the meaning of gender in this statement. “Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind.” With those few words, the Bible defines gender as behavior. Continue reading

April 11, 2014 Radio Commentary

April 11th, Day of Silence

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, April 11, 2014 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Good morning, Jim. The day of silence started in 1996 when a few University of Virginia College students refused to speak as a “coming out” promotion of homosexuality. It went nationwide in 1997 and soon moved into grade school. Since then, a homosexual legal firm has informed students that they may wear pro homosexual buttons or T-shirts in school, they may post pro homosexual signs and exhibits in school and they may refuse to speak in school.

This year’s day of silence is today, April 11th. But it’s not new to Georgia. In 2001 The Sticks and Stones Project became a gag order in schools to stop negative comments about homosexuality. In Georgia by 2002, 15 high schools and 5 colleges participated in the day of silence. By 2007, 37 high schools had gay-straight alliance clubs main-streaming homosexuality and the legislature refused to pass bills requiring parental permission for students to join any school club or extracurricular activity.

GLSEN and LGBT activists use anti-bullying policies to promote their agenda and implement courses, such as “No Name-Calling Week,” in elementary schools K – 12. On National Coming-Out Day in October 2012 teachers were asked to sign a SAFE pledge to validate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) lifestyles. Continue reading

November 22, 2013 Radio Commentary

Hard Core for Kids

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, November 22, 2013 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Good morning, Jim. After President Obama said, “Sex Ed for Kindergartners Is the Right Thing to Do,” I remembered that sex education in Georgia was a big issue in 1992 when the Georgia Sex Education Review Committee met stiff opposition against mandatory K – 12 sex education that was based on community standards, at that time.

But, in 1994, the national Centers for Disease Control went far beyond community standards to publish a five-volume sex education series that adopted international standards and dropped sex education that was based on traditional morality of abstinence until marriage. Their focus was on safer sex that would avoid pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and AIDS.

Now, in 2013, a campaign spokesman said the curriculum Obama mentioned is the one produced by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) that was organized in 1964, shortly after an international symposium about universal sex ed. By 1977 health educators in the United States had scrapped the customary health and hygiene lessons based on traditional morality and had adopted international sex ed based on the situation ethics of humanism. Continue reading