August 5, 2016 Radio Commentary

Satan Clubs Target Good News Clubs

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, August 5, 2016 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

Circumstances often remind us that the “conflict of the ages” is alive and well, and right now the enemies of God are doubling down in their battle for children.

When public schools first began, teachers used the Bible to teach children to read. Students learned what the Bible says about right and wrong, obeying mom and dad, and living God’s way, but now the Bible is banned from schools, teachers aren’t allowed to mention the God of the Bible, and children are taught they can create their own values.

However, in 1937 God WAS honored in public schools, children COULD read the Bible and pray, teachers COULD mention Jesus and teach Christian principles, and that was the year Reverend J. Irvin Overholtzer founded Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His organization established after-school Good News Clubs to reach as many children as possible with the Truth.

By 2011 CEF had established Good News Clubs in 3,560 schools in the United States. Currently, CEF is world-wide with 1,400 staff members scattered over 165 countries, and is active in every state and province in North America. Continue reading