Freedom Rally Report

Georgia Patriots Against “Fannie Med”
Faith & Freedom Rally August 22, 2009

By Sue Ella Deadwyler, Capitol Correspondent, Georgia Insight and Eagle Forum of Georgia

“I’m in the age group they’ve forgotten [for healthcare] and I don’t need [government] to tell me how to leave this life.”
— Lt. Col. Oliver North

The Marriott was abuzz with activity and the packed-out energized crowd assembled ’way before the program started, but it was well worth the wait. Even the announcements were great!

The spearhead of the event was Ralph Reed, the first executive director of the Christian Coalition and founder of the new Faith and Freedom Coalition, about which he says, “This in not your Daddy’s Christian Coalition.” If Saturday’s rally was any indication, he’s absolutely right. FFC is a web-based effort to rally conservative voters that respect the sanctity and dignity of life, family, and marriage as the foundations of a free society.

As he approached the microphone Saturday afternoon to greet the audience, over 1,300 conservative voices boisterously responded as he announced success! Faith and Freedom has caught on in Ohio and is covering the country “like wild fire!” Following him was Dr. Richard Lee, Church of the Redeemer pastor, who closed his invocation with the wonderful (and politically incorrect) phrase, “in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.”

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