Action Alert- Gender bills- March 4, 2013

 Some students may feel uncomfortable with a transgender student using the same sex-segregated restroom, locker room or changing facility. This discomfort is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student.
– Guidelines for Massachusetts Public Schools

Three bills introduced this session could radically affect society, as well as student culture in Georgia public schools! The following bills MUST be defeated:

Republicans are in the majority in each committee.
Republicans will decide whether these bills live or die.

H.B. 119 would elevate “gender, gender identity & sexual orientation” to protected civil rights status, which would affect all tax-funded facilities, including schools and colleges.
ACTION: Oppose. Call all or select several to contact. Judiciary Non-Civil Committee: Representatives Golick, Ch., 404 656-5943; Pak, V-Ch., 656-0254; Hightower, Sec., 656-0152; Abrams, 656-5058; Atwood, 656-0152; Ballinger, 656-0254; Coomer, 651-7737; Cooper, 656-5069; Dickerson, 656-0314; Gravley, 656-0325; Ramsey, 656-5146; Randall, 656-0109; Setzler, 656-7857; Strickland, 656-0109; and Willard, 656-5125. (11 Republicans, 3 Democrats, 1 Ex-Officio)

  • To read the rest of this alert in PDF format, please click here.


URGENT! Please Come! We Need a Crowd!
MONDAY, 3-19-12, 2:00 P.M., CLOB

(Room number to be announced)

  • OSHA has not approved smart meters.
  • Check your smart meter. Does it have one of the following labels on it?
    UL or NVLAP or RTL

If it has no such label, there’s no indication it has been tested and proven safe.

UL’s full-page list of smart meter tests does not mention radio frequency radiation, but indicates more testing should be done to prove their safety. UL states that it is developing at least one other safety standard – UL2735 – for smart meters.

ACTION – Support S.B. 459 by attending the meeting Monday.
If you would like to speak at the meeting, please contact Robert at goldeagle2 (at) bellsouth (dot) net -> (replace items in parentheses with actual punctuation)

Please contact the following House Energy, Utilities, and Telecommunications Committee:
Representatives Parsons, Ch., 404 656-9198
Geisinger, V. Ch., 656-0254
Horne, Sec., 656-0287
Amerson, 657-8443
Baker, 656-0202
Dempsey, 463-2247
Drenner, 656-0202
Dudgeon, 656-0298
Frazier, 656-0265
Fullerton, 656-0126
Hamilton, 656-5132
Harbin, 656-3949
Holt, 656-0152
Hudson, 656-7859
Lucas, 656-0220
Chuck Martin, 656-5064
Scott, 656-0254
Earnest Smith, 656-6372
Coach Williams, 656-0202
Roger Williams, 656-3904

ACTION ALERT – March 16th

ALERT! S.B. 459, Smart Meters.
Do or Die Time! 7 Days Left!

All this must be done within seven days or the bill is dead!
Step 1: S.B. 459 is in the House. Senator Shafer, author, must ask for a committee hearing.
Step 2: Then, if it passes there, it must pass Rules Committee, so the full House can vote on it.
Step 3: Death to S.B. 459, if any of these steps fail.

ACTION – Support. (a) Ask Senator Shafer – 404 656-0048 – to request Representative Parsons to schedule a hearing and pass it into Rules Committee.
(b) Ask Representative Parsons – 404 656-9198 – to pass S.B. 459 out of his committee. Then it goes to the Rules Committee, where it must pass before the full House can vote on it.


Cross-Over Day in the General Assembly

Call early to be sure your legislator gets the message in time.

To be connected to your senator’s office, call 404 656-5040.
To be connected to your representative’s office, call 404 656-5015.

Important Bills to be Voted on Tomorrow

S.B. 459 Authorizes PSC to allow consumers to opt-out of smart meters provided by investor-owned utilities.
ACTION: Support.  Ask your senator to vote YES.


S.B. 673 Urges Congress to call an “Amendments Convention” (another name for a Constitutional Convention).
ACTION: Oppose.  Ask your senator to vote NO.


H.B. 797 Enabling Legislation for Charter Schools

If passed, it would authorize the state to be in the business of chartering schools to be converted from existing public schools or created as start-up charter public schools, funded with taxes.

The appointed State Board of Education would appoint a Charter School Commission that would authorize and help establish charter schools throughout the state.  State charter schools could enroll students from three attendance zones – from one local school district, from multiple local districts or from all over the state.  Currently, no charter schools in Georgia have a state-wide enrollment zone.
ACTION: Oppose.  Ask your representative to vote NO.  H.B 797 is worthless, unless H.R. 1162 passes in a referendum in the November Election.  If voters pass H.R. 1162 in November, well-studied enabling legislation could be introduced in 2013, after voters have time to consider ramifications of such a major power shift from locally elected school boards into the hands of state appointees.