H.B. 200 Update

Passed the House 168-1, 5 not voting, 6 excused on March 2, 2011
Passed the Senate 54-0 March 29, 2011

The sex trafficking section of H.B. 200 effectively camouflaged the real intent of H.B. 200.  That intent was very clear in Senator Unterman’s S.B. 304 of 2010 and H.B. 582 by Representative Willard in 2009.  Both S.B. 304 and H.B. 582 died in committee last year.

The goal of those two bills, as well as H.B. 200, was the decriminalization of sexually explicit conduct for anyone under 18, so they could qualify for victim compensation funds.

When H.B. 200 becomes law (which should be July 1), no criminal charges will be made in Georgia against individuals under age 18 involved in prostitution, sodomy/solicitation of sodomy, masturbation for hire and/or pornography and strip clubs.

Georgia will be a haven for male and female teenagers who choose to earn money with sexually explicit conduct and law enforcement officers will not be a preventive.  Laws will no longer restrict such acts, although sex traffickers, johns and pimps will get stiffer penalties.

They would not acknowledge the very obvious fact that some teenagers choose that lifestyle and should not be classified as victims or rewarded with victim compensation funds and benefits.  They were determined to classify all prostitutes, etc. as victims and they did.