August 10 Run-off Candidates

Conservatives Must Vote in Run-Off Races August 10th

Republican Party – Eight Run-Off Races, 16 Candidates

For Governor

Nathan Deal received 155,920 votes (22.9%). Voters rank him conservative by 54% moderate by 21% and liberal by 11%. He believes in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception and his pro-life voting record is 98% – 100%; a lifetime NRA rating of A and an A rating from Gun Owners of America. He is a native Georgian with a distinguished career as captain in the U.S. Army JAG Corps, Georgia prosecutor, juvenile court judge, state senator (5 terms) and U.S. Congressman (9 terms). The National Journal named him one of 10 most conservative in Congress. Non-partisan rates him a “Hard Core Conservative.”

He scored 100 on the Eagle Forum survey

Karen Handel, with 231,959 votes (34.1%), is viewed as conservative by 44% of voters, moderate by 30% and liberal by 14%. She moved from D.C. into Georgia 13 years ago, served as president of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, resigned (2003) to run for Chairman of Fulton County Board of Commissioners. She won. While there, she voted with the Commission to approve grants to Planned Parenthood. During her Commission term, she resigned (2006) to run for Secretary of State and won. Less than three years into her four-year term, she resigned (2009) to run for governor.

She did not return the Eagle Forum survey.

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