August 10th Report

Tightly Controlled District 4 Town Hall Meeting,
August 10, 2009

“Universal coverage does not equal universal access.”
-Dr. Todd Williamson, Medical Association of Georgia & Town Hall Panelist

Concerned citizens formed a line well before 6:00 p.m. for the 7 o’clock town hall meeting of Congressman Hank Johnson, scheduled for the 500-seat Cole Auditorium at Georgia Perimeter College in DeKalb County. When the doors opened at 7, that venue was immediately filled and 1,100 of us were herded into the overflow room. 15 security guards (triple the normal number) kept order and said “between 500 and 800” were turned away. Microphones were set up in the Cole Auditorium, but none in the overflow room, where no questions were asked or answered.

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