February 2018 Newsletter

OPPOSE the ERA, It has Dire National Consequences

The ERA does not mention women; it does not put women in the U.S. Constitution. The ERA puts the word “sex” in the U.S. Constitution.

H.R. 969, introduced in the Georgia General Assembly January 29, 2018, is an attempt by Democrats to ratify a federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in Georgia. Almost 50 years after it was introduced in 1923, Congress passed ERA, a proposed constitutional amendment, in 1972. Since constitutional amendments must be ratified by three-fourths (38) of the 50 states, a seven-year time limit for ratification was attached to the proposal. At the end of seven years, only 35 states had ratified ERA, leaving them three states short of ratification. During a three-year time-limit extension, no other state ratified ERA and, thankfully, it failed.

ACTION – OPPOSE H.R. 969. Call House Judiciary Committee Representatives Willard, Ch., 404 656-5125; Fleming, V-Ch., 656-0152; Kelley, Sec., 657-1803; Beskin, 656-0254; Caldwell, 656-0152; Golick, 656-5943; Hanson, 656-0325; Powell, 656-5103; Rutledge, 656-0254; Welch, 656-5912; Nix 656-5146 (Ex officio). (These are the 9 Republicans on the 16-member committee.)

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