November 17, 2017 Radio Commentary

Mainstreaming Alternate Lifestyles

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, November 17, 2017 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

It took 39 years, but the education establishment has reached its 1978 goal to transform culture.  1978 was the year the president of the National Education Association, boldly, “spilled the beans” in a magazine interview with this statement, “We will need to recognize that the so-called ‘basic skills,’ which currently represent nearly the total effort in elementary schools, will be taught in one quarter of the present school day … the teacher will be a conveyer of values, a philosopher .… Teachers no longer will be victims of change; we will be agents of change.”

In 1982, the Georgia Department of Education published and implemented a three-volume Middle School Seminar Series for teachers.  The first volume was Psychological Education; second, Personal Education; third, Achievement Education.  On page 9 of Psychological Education is the “Group Contract” for each student to sign, pledging to keep the class work confidential, even from parents.

Fast-forward another ten years to 1992 when the Georgia Department of Education revealed Georgia’s Sexuality Education Training guidelines based on “universally held values.”  Note the change from sex education, concerning undisputed biological facts, to sexuality education, about variant sexual behavior.So, education became an agent to change the cultural attitude about alternate lifestyles. Reprograming in those guidelines included the following: “Couplehood … is as strong among gay people as it is among heterosexuals.  How can we express support and respect for gay and lesbian youth without condoning their engaging in homosexual behavior?  Schools can help heterosexual students become allies for their family members (including their future children) who may be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.  Schools are the most logical place to provide accurate information.  Only accurate information can replace the ignorance and stereotypes that hurt all children.  They need to understand that there are no scientifically valid studies that indicate that people can change sexual orientations by willing themselves to do so. Students need to understand that there are indeed long-term, committed same-sex relationships.”

Note that students in 1992 were taught that affirming students’ alternate lifestyles meant condoning their homosexual behavior, and by 1999 CDC’s AIDs prevention curriculum had students act out same-sex role-play assignments.

So, from teaching “the birds and bees” biological facts, schools became agents that change student behavior from family-taught and/or church-taught basic morality into no morality at all.  Now, pre-schoolers, college graduates and the entire population are expected to regard any sex act as perfectly normal.  If such strategy is used “to indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to affect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes,” according toWebster’s, it’s not reprograming, it’s brainwashing!  May God help us all!  For Georgia Insight I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol correspondent.