October 27, 2017 Radio Commentary

Down the Slick Slope

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, October 27, 2017 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

On October 5th California’s Governor Brown signed an “LGBT Senior Bill of Rights,” that slaps a $1,000 fine and a year in prison on anyone failing to use the “preferred gender pronoun” of seniors in nursing homes.  While not using preferred pronouns for senior citizens in California could mean a year in prison, the penalty for infecting another person in California with HIV has dwindled to six months.  Does that mean California, finally, acknowledges the obvious connection between those two situations?

The California law is a frontal attack on the freedoms of speech and religious expression BECAUSE sexual morality is defined in the Bible.  The California gag order flies in the face of the Constitution that deals with fact, not preferential pronouns.  People with different opinions are forced to keep their mouths shut or use lip-service to affirm biologically false sexual identity.

The California senator who authored the “LGBT Senior Bill of Rights” said “religious views don’t hold weight in public areas, [and added] …The LGBT Senior Bill of Rights is an important step in the fight to ensure all people are treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”  Please note that his bill is only a STEP toward forcing everyone to use “preferred pronouns” for sexual identity, regardless of fact or age or circumstance.Here in Georgia, on October 16th, members of the Decatur City Schools Board heard three hours of testimony from a packed –house crowd of LGBT supporters and parents concerned with the schools’ transgender policy that was never adopted by the school board and parents didn’t know about until February, when they discovered it on social media.

The Decatur City Schools (DCS) issue began on July 26th last year, when the local superintendent quietly implemented a culture changing policy that gives transgender students freedom to choose which restrooms and locker rooms to use, despite the obvious invasion of privacy.  The DCS policy includes two critical less-publicized facts: trans-girls (boys identifying as girls) can play on girls’ sports teams and participate as the opposite sex in individual sports.  And there’s more: They can room with girls on field trips.  The failure of the Board to vote on the policy didn’t change a thing in the plan that was implemented by the superintendent in a personal email to his staff over a year ago.

Remember these key points: 1. Decatur City Schools and California are forcing everyone in their jurisdiction to affirm behavior the American College of Pediatricians calls “impersonation of the opposite sex,”  2. Students and staff in Decatur City Schools must ignore fact and give lip-service to fantasy.  3. Nursing homes throughout California must do the same.  Think about that for a while!  For Georgia Insight I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol correspondent.