September 8, 2017 Radio Commentary

“Afraid she’ll turn into a boy!”

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, September 8, 2017 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

It’s amazing that intelligent people claim sex is “assigned at birth,” although it’s an anatomical fact predetermined at conception.  But if someone COULD assign sex to newborns, who qualifies to decide who’ll be male or female?  Is a baby without sexual identity until a doctor or nurse or midwife, miraculously, installs male or female organs? Would a frantic father who delivers his child in an emergency qualify to “assign” the child’s sex?

These are outlandish questions, but it’s an outlandish situation when someone declares the impossible to be possible, and promotes impossibility as truth to confuse very young children, who could be damaged forever.  Although God wired males and females with uniquely different DNA that cannot be changed, that truth is being denied.  On August 22nd, reported a disturbing trend that’s emerging across the country.

Two days before the June summer break, a California kindergarten teacher in Rocklin Academy Gateway charter school explained “transgenderism” to children as young as four years old.  The plan was hatched by the teacher and parents of a student in her class.  The teacher carried out their plan: She would read aloud two books suggested by the parents of a five-year-old male student, whom she would introduce to the class on that day because it was the day his parents planned to change his name and start presenting him as a girl.  After she introduced him, he went to the bathroom and came back dressed as a girl, as planned.The reporter explained what happened next, “The teacher reintroduced [the boy as] her to the children and explained she was now a girl with a girl’s name and was to be called that from now on.”

A startled parent said, “My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”  Parents weren’t informed of the incident until the school sent a letter a week later.  Claiming the books are age-appropriate, the district said “Unlike sex education, the topics of gender identity don’t require prior parental notice.”

On August 23rd a child who did not know what had happened in that teacher’s class, but was in the boy’s class last year, saw him on the playground and greeted him, using his last-year name.  She was told, “You can’t do that, his name is this name, you need to call him a her.” Then, the little girl was called to the principal’s office for the offense of “misgendering” or “pronoun mishap.”  After an hour of interrogation, she was not punished because the principal and staff decided she made an innocent mistake.  Of course, her outraged parents confronted school personnel, but no one could undo what happened to their frightened child. Question: Will our legislators mandate parental consent before such transgender indoctrination emotionally assaults children in Georgia?  For Georgia Insight I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol correspondent.