January 27, 2017 Radio Commentary

Will Georgia allow sanctuary colleges?

Radio Commentary, 90.7, 91.7 New Life FM, January 27, 2017 – By Sue Ella Deadwyler

In case you don’t know, Georgia is listed among states that provide “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Sanctuary is the term for safe spaces, such as towns or counties, that protect illegal aliens from federal law enforcement officers whose job is to locate, retain, and deport those here illegally, including illegals who commit crimes after they get here.

Sanctuary is provided in defiance of federal law when local government jurisdictions pass ordinances or policies or regulations that require local law enforcement to look the other way when they have knowledge of or encounter illegal aliens.

In addition, the refugee resettlement movement is encouraged, enhanced, and assisted by various religious organizations and charities that are paid per capita to defy federal immigration law and act on personal compassion rather than honor the requirements of our Constitution and laws.

For years, local governments in major cities and counties have given sanctuary to illegal aliens, but, currently, students and faculty at a number of colleges and universities nationwide have demanded that administrators declare their campuses to be sanctuaries. In response, certain colleges and universities, that should be stalwart bastions of truth, law and order, are embracing the sanctuary movement.Cases in point: A publicly supported (tax-payer funded) university in Oregon has done so, and so have Columbia and Wesleyan Universities that get private funds, federal Pell grants and federally-subsidized student tuition loans. Already, this madness has been accepted in colleges and universities where illegal alien students have been openly enrolled in total disregard for immigration laws. Incidentally, illegal aliens are often rewarded with in-state tuition, while students, who are U.S. citizens, are charged out-of-state tuition if they cross state lines to attend a college or university.

Representative Earl Ehrhart’s H.B. 37 introduced January 12th would prevent sanctuary in private colleges and universities in Georgia, by disallowing the adoption of any regulation, rule, policy, or practice that prohibits or restricts communication or cooperation with federal officials or law enforcement concerning citizenship status information. If H.B. 37 passes, state funds and state administered federal funding will be withheld from non-compliant institutions.

Last year’s S.B. 269 became law on July 1st, 2016, mandating that local governments comply with Georgia immigration sanctuary policies or lose funding. This year’s H.B. 37 extends that same requirement to private colleges and universities. Call Representative Jasperse at 404 656-7857 and ask him to pass H.B. 37 out of committee. For Georgia Insight, I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol correspondent.