March 1, 2015 Newsletter

Marijuana: House Passes H.B. 1 Authorizing
Use of Schedule I Narcotic

Schedule I Narcotics have [a] “no currently accepted medical use in the United States, [b] a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision and [c] a high potential for abuse. Examples of Schedule I Narcotics: heroin, LSD, marijuana, peyote, methaqualone and 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy).”
– Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of Diversion Control

H.B. 1, pre-filed November 17th by Representative Allen Peake (R), was debated on February 23rd in Representative Rich Golick’s Non Civil Judiciary committee that amended it twice before voting to give it a “do pass” recommendation. The House passed it 158-2 on February 25th, and sent it to the Senate. That vote is available online as House Vote #80.

The committee refused to close a major loophole that allows card-holders to possess 20 ounces of marijuana oil with no oversight by the Drug Enforcement Administration. So, registered card-holders would not be under DEA jurisdiction for possessing or using a Schedule I drug.

A House floor amendment to H.B. 1 added sickle cell to conditions1 that qualify patients for treatment with marijuana oil. If this passes, within the Department of Public Health would be established a Low THC Oil Patient Registry for patients and caregivers deemed eligible for a card authorizing the use of low THC oil. Since federal law prohibits the prescribing of marijuana, physicians would not prescribe, but would “certify” patients for treatment. It is unclear (a) who would dispense the oil, or (b) how it would be secured, or (c) regulated.

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