February 15, 2015 Newsletter

Multi-Pronged LGBTQAI Attack on Morality
Where? Public, Private, Religious Education, Crime & Employment

Sexual offenses and crimes in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) are divided into five categories: Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery, Sexual Exploitation of Children, Sexual Intercourse, and Sexual Offenses. Within those five categories are at least 45 subdivisions.

Sexual crimes and offenses reflect behaviors found to be harmful to those who participate and to society as a whole. Penalties demanded upon conviction of illicit sexual behavior are intended to deter repeat offenders and prevent dalliance by anyone tempted to experiment. The Code sections under attack are all-inclusive. Title 31 deals with AIDS/HIV; Title 24 concerns DNA; Title 19 confronts child sexual abuse; Title 17, rape; Title 20, student reporting; Title 15, duties of magistrates; and Title 16 extensively covers sexual offenses from fornication to adultery to bestiality to incest to necrophilia to reckless conduct and beyond.

Thus far, a cluster of bills has been introduced in this year’s legislative session to redirect morality in Georgia. Four additional bills would establish and fund services for victims of “sexual servitude,” which includes individuals trafficked for sexual purposes, plus anyone under age 18 who participates voluntarily in prostitution, pornography, lewd massage, et al.

All Schools: H.B. 40, prefiled by Representative Keisha Waites (D) January 9, drastically changes (a) discipline policies for K – 12 students, (b) bullying definitions (c) for all public and private schools, and (d) provides no exemption for religious school doctrines.

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