ACTION ALERT – March 16th

ALERT! S.B. 459, Smart Meters.
Do or Die Time! 7 Days Left!

All this must be done within seven days or the bill is dead!
Step 1: S.B. 459 is in the House. Senator Shafer, author, must ask for a committee hearing.
Step 2: Then, if it passes there, it must pass Rules Committee, so the full House can vote on it.
Step 3: Death to S.B. 459, if any of these steps fail.

ACTION – Support. (a) Ask Senator Shafer – 404 656-0048 – to request Representative Parsons to schedule a hearing and pass it into Rules Committee.
(b) Ask Representative Parsons – 404 656-9198 – to pass S.B. 459 out of his committee. Then it goes to the Rules Committee, where it must pass before the full House can vote on it.